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November 13: Finally sun!


The first day without any clouds since we installed the three mirrors from the installation There is the sun! I made a visit to apartment A0007 from Francois who made a reservation for sunlight. It was the first time I saw the reflected sunlight inside the apartments and I was blown away by the huge amount of light that came in. Because of the horizontal and unnatural direction of the light and the beautiful furniture of Francois, everything felt unreal, as if I was standing on a filmset.

francois 2 from ief spincemaille on Vimeo.

Lightmap vernissage. April 2013


Except for two unknown party-crashers on the left, this pictures shows nearly all people who were in one way or another involved in the making off LIGHTMAP (GroepT, M museum, Werktank, Cubes-day people, volunteers,…). The picture was made during the vernissage of LIGHTMAP. A lot of people, free drinks and a GREAT speech from our national weatherman Frank Deboosere which you can watch here.


Meccano! Januari-june 2013



The cruel and unbeatable meccano workshop gang!  We made a sun energy driven boat, completely useless in Belgium, walking robot’s and a led based wind-meter. All made with our own designed Meccano parts, based on the openstructures construction grid.

Thanks to Link in de kabel and Fablab Leuven.

M – Museum Leuven 28 03 13 ‹ › 03 06 13



Blokjesdag (Cubesday…).Sunday 16 december, 2012


40 people helped me mounting 87.600 small plexi cubes on the installation LIGHTMAP, and this in ONE day! It was fun and we felt like weavers around a big loom.TP#1-7

Me pretending to work.


The cubes-slaves. Driven by fear of corporal punishments.


Virtual Ground Class. December 4, 2012


Workshop for a small class highly gifted kids, from Sint-Pietersinstituut Korbeek-lo. Highly gifted but still stupid enough to fool themselves by the illusion of the Virtual Ground goggles.