In his work, Spincemaille questions transitional processes and border spaces, where something or someone changes into something else, loses an identity and has an undefined status. With his work he often describes, activates and places himself in transitional spaces, roles and identities.

Spincemaille questions these topics in visual works, installations and, since 2008, various in-situ relational projects with which he creates spaces for exchange and appropriation.

Spincemaille develops these in situ relational projects in non-artistic contexts such as an abbey, a prison, a residential neighborhood, a bicycle workshop... Spincemaille's summarizes these under the heading of ‘Re-residencies’. In a re-residency the emphasis is on the relationships that one builds as an artist with a temporary place of residence and on finding a new habitat as an artist in contexts that have other objectives than the making or showing of a work of art. Both resident and non-artistic contexts are reinterpreted and contextualized during a re-residency.

In 2021 he transformed an old marble workshop in Leuven into a place for 'Art, Craftsmanship and Correspondences' (Ateliers Minnoye). It is the place where, together with several other residents, he has his own studio. Together with Kurt d'Haeseleer, Spincemaille is co-founder of Werktank, a production platform for media art in Flanders. He works as a scenographer for Guy Cassiers, Seppe Baeyens and many others. His work is supported by Art Agency Berserk and Werktank. Spincemaille is currently finishing his doctorate on how a sculpture can be a direct representation of relationships and processes between an artist and a non-artistic context.