In 2010, on the initiative of Kurt d'Haeseleer and Peter Misotten, Ief Spincemaille and Kurt d'Haeseleer founded Werktank: a production platform for media art; the only production platform in Flanders with a strong focus on media art related works. Atelier Ief Spincemaille and Werktank share the same workspace, combining their expertise and resources. Spincemaille supervises the artists on a technical level while Werktank takes care production and distribution. Werktank has also produced various works by Ief Spincemaille, including Lightmap and A Tree.


Atelier Spincemaille cooperates closely with KU Leuven for the realisation of various projects. For the current project A Tree, students together with their professor developed the right technique for extracting pigment from plants. But also for Lightmap and First Disturbancethe expertise of KU Leuven was called upon.


Berserk is an art agency for visual and performing artists who are redefining and exploring their art form. They work with artists who are, just like them, fascinated by the unknown and push boundaries far beyond imagination. Their policy is setting up long-term relationships with artists and creating the ideal setting for artistic processes and production.
Berserk does not run a physical gallery, but they offer studio visits for collectors and curators to see the body of work in real life.


Spincemaille was city artist of the city of Leuven from 2011 to 2013, during which he realised various projects in and with the city. The city still plays an active role for various projects like Muster Station and Rope.


Together with Weverij Rubis in Izegem, Spincemaille developed the webbing for Rope. Starting from lashing straps, Rubis made the right strap with the right tension and materials.


Esther Van Schuylenbergh is a textile designer and textile teacher at the KASK in Ghent. She won a Textirama award in 2020 in the category Concept. In collaboration with Esther van Schuylenbergh, we work on the creation of the textile and technique for the project The Play, and on Multiples of the 6 meter ROPE. With these Multiples we introduce new materials and shapes for the Rope concept. This creates products that are suitable for the home and office market. Both objects are based on a traditional approach and research into old techniques.


Seppe Baeyens started his career as a dancer at fABULEUS and worked as a performer at a.o. the Kopergietery, Kabinet k, Productiehuis Brabant, Ontroerend Goed and Miet Warlop. In 1999 he came into contact with Wim Vandekeybus and Ultima Vez during a What the Body Does Not Remember workshop. There he recognised some of his own fundamental artistic preoccupations and it was to be the starting point of an intense collaboration. In 2011 he gave his first workshop with Radical Young at Ultima Vez. The three major performances that Seppe Baeyens has conceived within Ultima Vez over the past years - Tornar (2015), INVITED (2018) and Birds (2021) - show great internal coherence and are stepping stones in a broader project of artistic and social research. Both Tornar and INVITED were selected for the Theatre Festival and received praise at home and abroad.

Photo: De Morgen


Atelier Spincemaille collaborates with various organizations in Leuven, offering oppourtunities for young people to collaborate part-time on various projects in the studio. Iskander and Korneel have already been working at Atelier Spincemaille for two years.