In February I set up a temporary studio at the workshop of Velo, a socio-economic workplace that recycles old bicycles in Leuven, Belgium. During a period of 9 months I hacked the existing production line and, by applying the repetitive production process of disassembling, storing and reassembling, we recycled old paintings instead of old bicycles. I reused the raw materials of 284 paintings to recreate five pioneering works in modern art history including works by Damien Hirst, Ellsworth Kelly and Kasimir Malevich.


Concept: Ief Spincemaille / Realisation: Ief Spincemaille, Bout De Beul, Ibrahim Khlel / With the support of Velo, Studio van de Verbreder, 30 CC & Werktank (Poor Media)

This project was made possible by the hospitality of Velo and its employees. Special thanks to Steven Vandenberghe and Jonas Rutgeerts.