During nine months I set up a temporary studio at the workshop of Velo, a socio-economic workplace that recycles old bicycles in Leuven, Belgium.

During this period we created a second production line. In stead of second hand bicycles, amateur paintings were inserted in to his production line. By applying the repetitive production process of collecting, disassembling, storing and reassembling that was applied on second hand bycicles, I recycled old amateur paintings instead of old bicycles.

The raw materials of 261 paintings was used to recreate five works in modern art history with a superstar status: Oleoylsarcosine (2008) from Damien Hirst, Spectrum colors arranged by chance 11 (1951) from Ellsworth Kelly, Color Chart (1966) from Gerhard Richter and Black square (1915) from Kazimir Malevich. 

The works resulting from this production line were exhibited on site. Velo mixed high and low art, artistic creation and mechanical reproduction, to give these works an ordinariness and familiarity. By connecting it with non-artistic processes, locations, people and methods, it was an attempt to destroy the art in these artworks. They became bicycles you couldn't ride.


Concept: Ief Spincemaille / Realisation: Ief Spincemaille, Bout De Beul, Ibrahim Khlel / With the support of Velo, Studio van de Verbreder, 30 CC & Werktank (Poor Media)

This project was made possible by the hospitality of Velo and its employees. Special thanks to Steven Vandenberghe and Jonas Rutgeerts.