Dear Reader, 

My name is Ief Spincemaille. My work is about in-between spaces and intermediate stages. Places of ambiguity and disorientation where people, objects and relationships lose their familiar identity and find themselves in a liminal state (Read more).

I explore and attempt to navigate the in-between with different tools and media: photographical observations, perception devices, liminal objects and RE-residencies (Read more).

With these RE-residencies I seek the relationship with non-artistic contexts, such as an abbey, prison, a bicycle workshop, a residential neighbourhood... My work is political. It is an attempt to reach out to new communities, to challenge the traditional ways of making and presenting art and to embrace the other as the path and direction for change.

Although my work is often physically and technically challenging, I look for images that are simple and poetic.

Line, repetition, technique and light are basic elements in my work.

In 2021, I collaborated with four other colleagues to establish Ateliers Minnoye in Leuven, a space spanning 1000 square meters shared with other artists, craftsmen, and organizations. This creative hub provides a platform for the exchange of artistic and technical knowledge, facilitates social integration projects, and fosters connections with the local community. To create a place for the arts where art in its origin (where it originates) is connected to a neighbourhood and to other forms of making. That was the starting point.

In 2010, Kurt D'Haeseleer and me founded Werktank, an organization dedicated to new and old media art. I dedicate several days each month for Werktank assisting fellow Werktank artists with their technical queries and requirements. I'm super proud of how this organization has grown over the last few years.

Enjoy this website.

Questions/feedback? Send an email to or just pop into Pieternollekensstraat 85, 3010 Kessel-lo.