(Let yourself) fall

With the metaphor of 'the fall', Ief Spincemaille curated an exhibition about the (un) voluntary giving up of what is known and familiar. (Let yourself) fall is about a tilting world where nothing seems certain. About countless refugees who wander over land and sea in search of a better place. But also about wandering artists, scientists, artisans who resettle and shape their practice in a different context.

No better place to think about a world where nothing seems more certain than in a Benedictine abbey, where people have been living according to the same rule of Benedict for centuries. Spincemaille and a number of artists lived together during short preparatory courses with the brothers of the abbey Keizersberg (Leuven, Belgium) to master this unfamiliar context. And this in order to create both an exhibition and works of art from the different strata of this community: day rhythm, spirituality, social fabric, architecture ...