Coincidentally, I came across this schedule on the internet. It depicts the shortening and lengthening of the days over an entire year.
I decided to recreate this image, but with real photos of the sky.

At midnight on December 31st, 2012, a camera secured to the roof of Museum M (Leuven, Belgium) started taking pictures of the sky - one every six minutes. That’s 240 pictures every 24 hours.

The installation then automatically printed the pictures on small plastic cubes measuring 8 x 8 mm. The process ended exactly one year and 82.000 blocks later, on December 31st, 2013. Each vertical line consists of 240 photos and represents 1 day. 

Creating this device was a hell of a ride which involved the help of family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. THANKS! friends, family, colleagues and neighbours.


Concept and realisation: Ief Spincemaille | Software and electronica: Wim Lemkens | Assistant realisation: Ciel Grommen | Production: Werktank, Museum M en GroepT | With support of the Flemish Authorities

In permanent collection of the KULeuven since 2019