Musée l'inconnu

In September 2015 Ief Spincemaille built a “Musée de l’inconnu” with 1 ton of earth on the lawn of the residential complex Sint-Maartensdal in Leuven. The museum’s collection consisted of models and replicas of previous works, in which he researches everyday phenomena such as the horizon, light, air and vast distances. During two weeks Spincemaille hosted many visitors and spent hours wandering from door to door, trying to find out what people think and feel when looking up to the sky.  After two weeks the museum was closed and the reflecting roof removed so that the rain could surrender the earthen pavilion back to nature.

During this two-week visual performance Spincemaille wrote down his daily reflections in a logbook, which he sent by mail to a limited number of people. Together with visual artist Kurt d’Haeseleer, Spincemaille produced a documentary on his two-week long intervention.

“Musée de l’inconnu” is a report on the poetry, the absurdity and the difficulties that arise when an artist experiments with the premises of art making and the confrontation with a social housing complex in which he has the intention to create a new artwork.

The publication Musée de l’inconnu was published by MER.    



Direction: Ief Spincemaille, Kurt d’Haeseleer | Editing: Kurt d’Haeseleer | Cinematography: Iwona Pom & Ann Minnen | With the support of: City of Leuven, 30 CC, Werktank and DOCVILLE