Principium non contradictionis

An attempt to create an immaterial object in a space. I departed from this image created with Photoshop.

The base of the attempt was a flower-shaped object that, when quickly rotated, faded and became a gradient. This:

Becomes this:

I had to make different shapes to arrive at a form that faded evenly gradually.

I placed this shape + motor on a piece of rock.

On a grinding wheel.

A large version on my worktable.

In front of my head.

I also made some kind of glasses that allowed these objects to work in front of my eyes. But that didn't work.

And a framed version in front of a piece of paper. 

120 x 75 cm
Wood, paper and electronics.

The title (Principium non contradictionis) refers to the law of non-contradiction in propositional logic. It states that something cannot be and not be at the same time.


Ief Spincemaille - Jacob Schoolmeesters - Bout De Beul