A permanent museum in a prison. 

Quasi Museum features a collection of 11 in-situ artworks in the new prison of Haren (Belgium). Guided tours are provided for residents of the surrounding streets and for internal residents of the prison. Since the works are located on both sides of the 1200-meter-long prison wall, visitors from inside or outside the prison never get to see the complete collection.

Quasi Museum is an initiative by Ief Spincemaille, co-curated by Anouk Focquier. 
Featuring works by Adrien Tirtiaux, Bart Lodewijks, Maëlle Dufour, Daems Van Remoortere, Elnino76, Ousama Tabti, Karina Beumer, Katrien Oosterlink, Kristof Van Gestel en Els Baeten, Sep Verboom and Livable, and Ief Spincemaille.