Imagine your head being stuck in a photo camera. Nothing but darkness … until a picture is taken: the shutter opens and closes in the blink of an eye. Behold the world in a flash.

All you can see is a static image, a photograph. Like a memory, something that has been, but isn’t anymore. People turn out to be frozen figures and entire street scenes become untouched tableaus. Life as a slide show.

I have always been fascinated by the effect of video and other photographic interventions on our natural way of seeing and looking. Whereas virtual reality goggles try to make us believe that the images we see are real, ‘Reverse Blinking’ wants to achieve the exact opposite: manipulating our vision in a way that the real world becomes something that is unreal. Nothing more than a photograph or an image.


The pair of goggles with the shutter mechanism inside is controlled by the user. Because it works on batteries, it can be freely used both in and outside, preferably in a crowded place with lots of movement.