“Reverse Blinking” is a completely closed helmet with two shutters in front of the eyes. When the user pushes a button, t he shutters opens and closes in the blink of an eye.  All you can see is a static image, a photograph. Reversed Blinking creates a liminal space between direct or ‘real’ perception and a mediated experience.

“Reverse Blinking” is part of a series of art works, through which Spincemaille tries to add video and photographical effects to our natural way of seeing. Where virtual reality goggles are trying to make us believe that the images we see are real, Reverse Blinking does the opposite. The googles manipulate vision in such a manner that the real environment around us looks utterly unreal, as if it was a photograph or an image.


The pair of goggles with the shutter mechanism inside is controlled by the user. Because it works on batteries, it can be freely used both in and outside, preferably in a crowded place with lots of movement.