For this ‘LOD musical theatre’ production from Inne Goris, Spincemaille designed a set consisting of transparent veils that could be moved up and down. The transformable environment and changing light conditions aimed to intensify the confrontational and provocative nature of the play by hiding and dividing, showing and revealing, isolating and regrouping the public.

A similar process of transformation can be found in the set design for Hamlet v. Hamlet (Guy Cassiers). A basic building set - moveable panels – can lead to subtle but significant changes throughout a play.


Concept: Inne Goris, Kurt d’Haeseleer, Dominique Pauwels & Ief Spincemaille
Regie & idea: Inne Goris
Text: Peter Verhelst
Music, sounddesign & songtexts: Dominique Pauwels
Video: Kurt d’Haeseleer
Scenography & lightdesign: Ief Spincemaille
Costumes: Lieve Meeussen