THE PLAY is a game in two acts with a gigantic toy: a hexagonal sail measuring 15 metres, reinforced with a grid of fibreglass poles. Like a tent, but without a definitive shape. One side is completely black, the other consists of a blue/red gradient. The Play settles in neighbourhoods and communities with the aim of creating a daily play that is performed during the 30 minutes between sunset and civil twilight. A play in two acts: a transition from light to dark, from day to night.

With this work, Spincemaille blocks roads and passages, disrupts the existing order and deprives places of their familiar meaning. In this disturbed space something new grows: a temporary community of people and things that gathers every evening around a slowly transforming object. Like the project Rope, Spincemaille investigates how meaning can be created collectively with this social sculpture.

The Play is a realisation of Ief Spincemaille and Z33, in coproduction with Het Nieuwstedelijk.