Three motorised mirrors on the Sint- Maartensdal site gave the occupants of these north-facing appartments an opportunity to order sunlight online and enjoy direct sunlight. All they had to do was visit a website, enter their appartment number and choose a time. At the requested time one of the mirrors would turn to reflect the sunlight through their window.

In the 60’s, one of the largest social housing complexes in Leuven, Sint-Maartensdal, was built to create a modern social community. Despite the architect’s intentions, not all appartments enjoy the same conditions: half of the occupants living in Sint-Maartensdal is not able to enjoy direct sunlight.

‘There is the sun’ wanted to come up with a solution for this inequality and honour architect Renaet Braems’s idealistic ideas. Taking the site’s late renovation as a starting point, ‘There is the sun’ aspired to bring about a symbolic restoration by visualising and resuscitating the original utopian dream and the socio-artistic ideas behind the Sint-Maartensdal site.


Concept Ief Spincemaille
Technial realisation Culture Crew
Production 30CC en Stuk