With A TREE, Spincemaille goes out into the world in search of trees that can tell a story. Part of the tree is trimmed during a public moment and a photo is taken. In a mobile lab, the photo is then processed into a picture using only the raw materials that the tree offers us: from branches we make paper and a frame, and from the leaves and fruits we make ink. The photo of the tree is then printed with the pigment of the tree on paper made from this tree.

A TREE is conscious of the value of trees. In most cases, only parts of the tree will be removed. Very rarely will an entire tree be felled. A TREE is a social and democratic process. To get permission to use (parts of) a tree, Spincemaille will have to gain temporary access to a person, neighbourhood or organisation. Owners will have to be convinced of the value of removing (parts of) the tree. These interactions will not only give access to the raw materials (leaves, fruit, soil and wood), but, through storytelling, will also open up the past and present world of the people and place where the tree is located.

A Tree is a production of Werktank, ZKM (Karlsruhe), KU Leuven and Atelier Ief Spincemaille and will premiere in 2022.


Muster Station is a truly modular building system with which completely autonomous, temporary and all-terrain work- and living spaces can be built. In order to follow the dynamics of our practice, we often work in-situ at different locations, for short and long periods of time. We started looking for spaces that are easy to set up, and that have all the facilities necessary to function autonomously. We didn’t find a system that met all our needs, so we decided to start creating our own. 

The principle is based on 1 square unit in which all facilities are combined and present: utilities, stability, insulation and separation. Everyone can create their own spaces and shapes with these units, without building experience. Muøster Stations are easy to expand and connect with each other. We believe there is a great need for autonomous and temporary workspaces. Atelier Ief Spincemaille wants to further develop this system and make it available to the market.

The  system will be developed by Atelier Ief Spincemaille together with artist/architect Mats Dekock (Werktank) and engineer Dirk Jaspaert of Basbvba.